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Modding: TES V Skyrim

Development of mods for Skyrim (SE) Focusing on 3D Modeling, Texturing and World Space Development. Aimed at taking my skills from studying Audio-Visual design and applying them to modding and general Game Development.

Asset Creation:

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Blackmarsh Tanning Rack:

A Blackmarsh Tanning Rack made as a test claim in the Arcane University for the Beyond Skyrim: Blackmarsh Team.


  • Tri-Count: 2,805
    [Mostly Ropes]

  • Turnaround Time:
    [Indirect]: 3 Days
    [Direct]: 6 Hours

  • Tools Used:
    Modeling: Blender
    Texturing: Substance Painter
    Converting: CK-CMD

Crimson Marsh:

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Crimson Marsh is a mod focused on representing the cultures of the Sann Peoples of South Africa in the context of Video Games, depicting their culture through the lens of the Argonians.

The mod takes place on an island off the coast of Black Marsh (The Argonian Homeland) on an island called the Crimson Marsh, taking its name from the crimson sands that line its coast.


  • A journey into Argonian culture, taking inspiration from the traditional Sann culture of South Africa.
  • A look at the Sann Trance Healing Dance through the guise of a ritualistic consumption of the Hist Sap (Sap of a tree sacred in Argonian Culture)
  • Cave exploration showing the traditional cave paintings of the Argonians, taking influence from the cave paintings of the Sann Peoples.
  • Custom made assets showcasing the architecture of the Argonians of the Crimson Marsh.


This mod is being done as my final year univarsity project in Audio-Visual Design. As such the mod will be available at the end of 2021 as it is currently being held for assignment and overview. I look forward to letting you explore the Crimson Marsh on its release!