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SummonBox: Prototype Assets

A package of enviromental prototyping assets available for Unity and Unreal Engine. With these assets you can work on other aspects of your projects like gameplay and graphics while still able to build quality world environments.

The assets are designed to be easily modifiable and highly performant to fit with almost any style of game or world.

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Gallery Image 1 Gallery Image 2

Asset Pack Content

The pack contains 356 assets to use in your world. These assets include the following:

  • Modular Architecture Pieces [X205]
  • Flora Small [X12]
  • Flora Large [X10]
  • Rocks [X18]
  • Cliffs [X6]
  • Props [X25]
  • Clutter [X29]
  • Modular Pipe Kit [X4]
  • Modular Vent Kit [X15]
  • Modular Steel Beam Kit [X10]
  • Modular Electric Kit [X8]
  • Modular Catwalk Kit [X7]
  • Basic Light Kit [X7]